ISO Class 2 Department

The ISO, which serves the property and casualty insurance marketplace, analyzes data on property fire protection and suppression programs, then issues its Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating to indicate an organization or area’s property fire protection capability. In 2021, the City of Niceville Fire Department’s PPC rating improved from a respectably low Class 3 rating to a very low Class 2 rating! Providing a low and better PPC rating has led to reductions of over 45% in property insurance premiums for owners of insured properties within the City. 

Compare our rating with the rest of the country and we are in the top .04%

Graph of Countrywide Distribution of Communities by PPC class

The following community features were evaluated:

Emergency communications
A maximum of 10 points of a community’s overall score is based on how well the fire department receives and dispatches fire alarms. The field representatives evaluate:

  • the emergency reporting system

  • the communications center, including the number of telecommunicators

  • computer-aided dispatch (CAD) facilities

  • the dispatch circuits and how the center notifies firefighters about the location of the emergency

Fire department
A maximum of 50 points of the overall score is based on the fire department. ISO reviews the distribution of fire companies throughout the area and checks that the fire department tests its pumps regularly and inventories each engine and ladder company’s equipment according to NFPA 1901. ISO also reviews the fire company records to determine factors such as:

  • type and extent of training provided to fire company personnel

  • number of people who participate in training

  • firefighter response to emergencies

  • maintenance and testing of the fire department’s equipment

Water supply
A maximum of 40 points of the overall score is based on the community’s water supply. This part of the survey focuses on whether the community has sufficient water supply for fire suppression beyond daily maximum consumption. ISO surveys all components of the water supply system. We also review fire hydrant inspections and frequency of flow testing. Finally, we count the number of fire hydrants that are no more than 1,000 feet from the representative locations.

The City of Niceville is committed to saving lives and property by training professional firefighters, providing proper equipment, and an adequate supply of water. Members of the Niceville Fire Department are extremely proud that their hard work has paid off.