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Dog Park


Pet Welfare Volunteers Needed (PDF)

Parvo Information (PDF)

Dog Park Rules (PDF)

Information on the Dog Flu (PDF)


  1. Parking
  2. Picnic Areas
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Shaded Areas
  5. Unleashing Area
  6. Watering Station

Dog Park Rules


  • Dogs must be leashed when entering or leaving the park.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park.
  • Owners must remain in the fenced area with their dog while the dog is off leash.
  • Dogs must be in view and within voice control of the owner at all times.
  • Owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of all dog feces.
  • No dogs in heat allowed.
  • Dogs must be removed from the dog park at the first sign of aggression.
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted on the premises.
  • No dogs under the age of 4 months or who have not received their complete round of vaccinations are allowed.
  • Dogs must wear current license tags.
  • A limit of three dogs per person is allowed.
  • No food of any kind or pet treats allowed in the park.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be under strict supervision of an adult.
  • Please keep all dogs off of adjacent Sports Fields and Mullet Festival Site
  • All dog owners who fail to comply with the rules can be expelled from the park.
  • Repeat offenders are subject to banning from the park.
  • Park hours are from Sunrise until 10 pm ( lights will turn off at this time).

Additional Information

Approximately 4 acres in size

Owners are responsible for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times.

The Park will be closed from 7am until 8 am on the last Monday of each month for insecticide application.  

Reporting Safety Hazards

Report any safety hazards to either of the following:
  • Niceville Police Department 850-279-6436, ext. 1200
  • Niceville Recreation Department 850-279-6436, ext. 3002