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Children's Park

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Children's Park

The Niceville Children's Park is located in the Civic Center Complex on Partin Drive North, across from Ruckel Middle School. We are proud of our beautiful park and strive to make it a clean, safe place to bring your children.  We have courteous park attendants on duty who welcome your questions and concerns, and they are here to offer any assistance you may need while visiting the park. We work together to make the park a fun and happy place for children to come and play, and for adults to relax and enjoy watching them.

Park Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8 am - Dusk
Sunday: 12 pm - Dusk

Safety First

An adult must accompany children at all times while they are in the Children's Park. 

The Park Rules are in place to protect the children and the equipment.  We invite you to enjoy the park while working with us to ensure the safety of the children.


All areas of the park are easily accessible. Gazebos and cabanas are available for gatherings of families and friends and can be reserved for birthday parties. In the center of the park you will find an area with tables and umbrellas to escape the sun on hot summer days. Drink machines and bathroom facilities with changing tables are located near the front entrance


Some of the attractions you will find in the park include age-appropriate equipment such as a bubble machine, monkey bars, rock climbing structure, and slides.

The Spray Park

In the summer of 2006 we opened the Spray Park, which quickly became a popular place for children to have a great time cooling off during the hot days and warm evenings.

Seasonal Hours

The Spray Park is open May through Mid-October.  Hours of operation are 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Sunday.

Spray Park Features

The Spray Park has two palm trees that spray water from the leaves. Mushroom mazes spray water all around, making a tent for the children to hide under while watching others play. Children have a great time cooling off during the hot days and warm evenings, and comfortable tables, chairs, and umbrellas are available for the adults to relax and enjoy watching the children play. 

Park Closures

The City of Niceville will close the Children's Park whenever the safety of park visitors is in question. The park attendant may close the park at their discretion due to weather conditions. For example, the park will close when:

  • Excessive heat or cold
  • Rainfall (It takes approximately two hours for the park to dry sufficiently and reopen afterward)
  • Thunder & lightning


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