Why do the 911 operators ask so many questions?

The dispatcher you speak with on the telephone is typing information into a computer. Another communications officer is relaying that information, via radio, to the responding Firefighters. The 911 operator will ask certain questions in a particular order to most efficiently fill in the fields on the computer screen. Once a few preliminary questions have been answered, the operator will be in a better position to provide more details or narrative information, such as a the extent of the fire or is anyone still in the burning structure. 

The Niceville Fire Department suggests calling 911 from a cell phone or another phone outside the residence to expedite the evacuation.  Never go back into a structure after you have left it. Many people have died in fires after they had already gotten out once but made the ultimate mistake by re-entering the burning structure. The responding Firefighters may have specific questions regarding the situation while they are en route. Unless you are in an unsafe location, it is in your best interest to remain on the line until the 911 operator has obtained all of the information and the operator may ask you to remain on the line until the Firefighters arrives. For more information, contact us at 850-279-6436.

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